Understanding Genres

Read “Understanding Genres” before completing this assignment. Choose a current news story (from an appropriate genre such as newspaper, professional blog, magazine, professional organization website, specialized professional publication, video, etc.) that engages with a topic of relevance to your field of study or discipline. Using the reading on understanding genres, analyze the current event item you chose based on its genre conventions. You must include a link in the blog post.

Then, answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each:

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Understanding Genres
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  • Why is the topic discussed of interest to your field?
  • How do scholars and practitioners in your field engage with the topic?
  • What is the rhetorical situation of the genre? (author, topic, purpose, audience, context)
  • What are the genre conventions of the genre? Use quotes from the chapter to support your answers and follow the checklist from “Understanding Genres.


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