Understanding Children’s Creative Thought and Expression

This is a reflective paper which integrates course readings with the student’s personal experience(s). This is your reflection about what creativity means to you, how it was incorporated into your childhood, and how you include it into your adult life. The student is expected to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their own personal experience(s) using the concepts from the readings. Remember to cite the information and put the entire reference in the reference list.

you can use the following questions as a basis for your reflection. Please write the paper in paragraph form (APA style) and not in a question/answer format. Describe your own creative development. Questions you might address include the following:

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Understanding Children’s Creative Thought and Expression
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  1. What types of creativity did you show as a child? Think about what you drew or painted or built. What music did you make, and how did you dance? What kinds of pretend play do you remember? What other ways did you show creativity?
  2. What kinds of feedback about your creative work did you receive? Consider what family, teachers, and friends had today, whether positive, negative, or neutral.
  3. At some point, did you start to feel more self-conscious about your creativity? If so, when? How did you act in response to feeling self-conscious?
  4. At some point, did it seem like you had less time to be creative? If so, when? On what other activities were you spending your time?
  5. Is “creative” a word you would use to describe yourself today? Why or why not? What creative outlets do you currently use?


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