U.S. Census Bureau


Select a local area or community (your selection can represent your community) and conduct research using the following websites:

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U.S. Census Bureau
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U.S. Census Bureau

Department of Health Services for your state

(Whiting Indiana)

Your research should include the following:

Trends in the data

Geographical information

Other information you can use to determine the health needs of the community

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following questions:

What information did you find that will support this week’s assignment? What will be the most useful?



You have been recently elected State Senator for the great state of New Jersey of your congressional district. You ran on the campaign slogan: “THE ONLY NEW TAXES WILL BE LOWER ONES!”. Now it is time to live up to this slogan as your constituents (supporters) are eagerly awaiting how you will lower their already heavy property tax burden. Explain in detail what reform measures and the action you will take to lower their property tax bills. Keep in mind where the majority of tax money goes as well as the impact your tax cuts will have upon the community.


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