Types of Groups in the Workplace

As a skilled communicator, learning more about groups and group dynamics will serve you well. Mergers,

forced sales, downsizing, and entering new markets all call upon individuals within a business or

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Types of Groups in the Workplace
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organization to become members of groups. Groups may be defined by function. They can also be defined,

from a developmental viewpoint, by the relationships within them. Groups can also be discussed in terms

of their relationship to the individual and the degree to which they meet interpersonal needs.


Some groups may be assembled at work to solve problems, and once the challenge has been resolved, they

dissolve into previous or yet to be determined groups. Functional groups like this may be immediately

familiar to you. You take a class in sociology from a professor of sociology, who is a member of the

discipline of sociology. To be a member of a discipline is to be a disciple, and adhere to a common

framework to for viewing the world. Disciplines involve a common set of theories that explain the world

around us, terms to explain those theories, and have grown to reflect the advance of human knowledge.

Compared to your sociology instructor, your physics instructor may see the world from a completely

different perspective. Still, both may be members of divisions or schools, dedicated to teaching or

research, and come together under the large group heading we know as the university.



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