Trustworthiness in Research

Trustworthiness in research

_____ Addresses credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability.

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Trustworthiness in Research
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Ethical Concerns in research

_____ Provides adequate measures for ethical protection of participants.

_____ Includes detailed information about how confidentiality is addressed.

Data Analysis in research

_____ Describes procedures for dealing with discrepant cases.

_____ If a software program was used to aid analysis, clearly describes how it was used.

_____ Gives details about the coding procedure and how themes or categories were developed.

Nvivo, a qualitative research software program will be used to allow the researcher the ability to input interviews and other qualitative data, to assist in the organizing, coding, sorting, and storing of the data that will be collected during the research study. The collection of qualitative data should be in a system that is organized, coded and arranged prior to the collection of data (Berg, 2012).


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