Topic: Wall Street Journal Article

Question 1: By how much did the VOLUME of wine purchased in the U.S. change in 2019 from the prior year? By how much did wine sales BY VALUE change in 2019 from the prior year?

Question 2: In your own words, explain the distinction between the two sales trends you noted in the earlier question.

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Topic: Wall Street Journal Article
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Question 3: What explanation are industry experts offering for the sales trends that are happening in the wine industry?

Question 4: Provide at least one idea for a strategy that a wine producer could use to strengthen its sales in the future.

 Rewrite the questions above in bullet-point format in the file you will create and respond to them separately. 

Your submission must meet the formatting requirements outlined in the syllabus and must have bullet points separately showing each question and your response. 

Be sure to explain your responses thoroughly.

Submissions that do not meet the formatting requirements or do not explain the responses thoroughly will not be considered.


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