Topic: Prompt

The essay is to be two pages in length plus a works cited page.
Include at least one quotation
All formatting including page set-up, in-text quotation and citation entries on your works cited page will be in MLA format.
Work will have an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs and a conclusion and include one quotation from the poem.
This is a literary analysis and as such you will engage closely with the primary text.
Do not use any outside sources for this work.

The women in “Lanval” are what we might call proto-feminists; they are depicted as empowered and have their own autonomy, which was unlike the way most women were portrayed. What effect does this female agency (this term “agency” refers to the ability of a female character having the ability to assert herself and control her environment) have on the patriarchal structure against which the story of “Lanval” is set, if any? You may write about the Arthur’s Wife Guenevere or the fairy princess, or both.

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Topic: Prompt
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