Topic: Non-Western Art

•Choose one non-Western piece (Asian, African, Indian, Latin American, Native American, etc.) and one related Western piece to compare.  How are they alike?  How do they differ?  What accounts for the similarities and differences?  •Hint: this question is easier to answer if you choose related pieces, for example •Choose a Chinese landscape and a European landscape •Choose two religious pieces-one non-Western and one Western •Choose two works of architecture (Great Zimbabwe/St. Peter’s Cathedral; Pyramid of the Sun/Notre Dame; or the Dome of the Rock/Pantheon) •Compare two works of portrait sculpture – Ife and Roman for example •When comparing buildings, mention similar features, also look at the interior if appropriate (examples: when comparing domes or decoration (artwork) look at both the exterior and interior) •Example slides follow.  Submit writing online as usual.

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Topic: Non-Western Art
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