Topic: Management Marketing

The task is to prepare an essay of 1500 words DOUBLE SPACED on one of the following topics. ESSAY TOPICS 1. Different national cultures have different approaches to creativity and innovation. Using two countries of your choice, explain how these different approaches can affect the level of innovative output between your chosen two countries. 2. Crowd creation is changing the way that private sector organisations work. • Define the concept of crowd creation and argue to what extent it is becoming more attractive to the private sector. Apply a private sector case study of your choice to your argument. The above titles are designed to be broad in scope. Therefore your answer should be narrowed down to an aim that should be clarified in your introduction. Define concepts and provide sources for them before applying them. Critique theories by comparing and contrasting them. Enrich your synthesis with illustrations to underpin theories and your arguments. Diagrams, Models Tables and Graphs should be appended to the essay. A maximum of three Appendices is permitted. Introduction worth 10% – key themes and arguments# Research worth 20% – Evidence of research (definitions and references) Analysis worth 20% – Analysis, synthesis and evaluation Illustration worth 15% – Application of case Grammar, Clarity of arguments, effort etc worth 15% HARVARD REFERNCING worth 10%

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Topic: Management Marketing
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