Topic: Digital marketing strategy

Assessment Task

The higher education industry is becoming saturated. Universities are facing competition to attract new students. Nowadays it is a challenge for many universities to increase the number of student recruitment applications. You are required to critically evaluate and analyse the digital marketing trifecta (paid, earned and owned media) for your client РUniversity of West London and recommend how all digital platforms can be used to increase the number of student recruitment in existing and new markets. For this purpose, it is expected that you assess current digital marketing strategy of UWL including paid media (advertisement), earned media (social media) and owned media (website) and compare these with one competitor UK university’s online presence. Based on competitor analysis, use of traditional and digital analysis tools and your recommendations, you will devise a new digital marketing strategy for the University in order to maximise its online value proposition and gain a competitive edge over its competitor/s.

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Topic: Digital marketing strategy
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Introduction (20%)

This section should be a detailed overview of the aims and objectives of the report. It should introduce digital marketing, strategy and communications. It should also provide a background of the organisation and the chosen competitor.

Analysis and Discussion (40%)

This section must contain a detailed and in-depth analysis of the current digital marketing strategy of UWL considering all online platforms mentioned above as well as all relevant elements of the marketing communication mix. The analysis must be aided by taught frameworks such as 7S framework, RACE framework, micro and macro environmental analysis, digital analytics analysis of acquisition, behaviour and conversion data (if it is made available), competitor analysis and Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability analysis.

Recommendations (30%)

Your recommendations must be presented in the form of a new digital marketing strategy addressing the marketing mix, the promotional mix including mediums, disciplines, channels and vehicles, time and budget as well as key performance and success indicators.

Writing and Referencing (10%)

You are expected to present your report in a professionally written, edited and well-structured state. You must use a title page, table of contents, headings and subheadings. All images, tables and diagrams must be captioned. It is important to ensure good use of academic English language throughout with no errors in spelling and grammar. You must use Harvard referencing style and provide valid, quality sources in your report. Optionally an appendix may be provided.


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