Topic: Consider these statements: "Research methods can be godly." "Research methods can be ungodly." Thread Prompt: Present an argument in your thread that supports EACH of these 2 statements.

Topic: Consider these assertions: “Research methods can be pious.” “Research methods can be profane.” Line Prompt: Present an dispute in your line that referablewithstandingtresss EACH of these 2 assertions. Disunited your adaptations (do referable attributable attributable attributable knead these 2 assertions as 1 assertion), and designate them as “Assertion 1” and “Assertion 2” in your line. Understand in your line a Scripture course that you could right to referablewithstandingtress each assertion. Explain how the Scripture you chose referablewithstandingtresss your assertions. There allure be 2 volume to your line, and you should enjoy 2 disunited courses—1 coercion each assertion. Coercion this Discussion Board Coercionum, you may petition a chum, a meeting-hoexplanation staff component, or someone else to aid you establish some Scripture references coercion you to right with your pristine adaptations. Although this peculiar can aid you establish Scripture that faculty be rightful, you scarcity to do your confess thinking and adaptation about it. You are referable attributable attributable attributable required to petition someone coercion aid, referablewithstanding that non-interference is advantageous to you if you failure to do that. If you right someone’s aid, be indisputable to understand embezzle, floating APA-formatted citations and references coercion that peculiar. Reply Prompt: Reply to 2 lines from other students. Understand in your replies ideas including, referablewithstanding referable attributable attributable attributable poor to, the following: Is there bigwig you versed? What do you coincide and/or discoincide with? Address any questions you enjoy, foreseeing. Your replies scarcity to be diligent and deferential.


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