Topic: Argumentative Essay

  • This is for a MILITARY LITERATURE Course.
  • The paper needs to be that the three books have a common theme running through them and argue that they have the common theme: based off of three books: “Slaughter House- five” – Kurt Vonnegut / “a long way gone” – Ishmael beah / “Novel without a name” – Duong Thu Huong
  • Please formulate an argumentative thesis that is supported by the three books.
  • Do NOT propose a split and or descriptive thesis.
  • The body of paragraphs must support the thesis through a close understanding of the literature.
  • Quote each of the selected works directly and correctly at least four times, meaning there should be twelve quotations in the essay.
  • be sure the that the discussion remains focused on the specific argument throughout the course of the essay.
  • end with a conclusion that avoids summarizing the essay. Focus on showing the ground covered in the discussion.
  • double spaced


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