Topic: Are nurses exposed to more health hazards than doctors?

Final Argumentative Paper. Write an argumentative essay in which you demonstrate your understanding of and sensitivity to key points of controversy on a selected issue (you should be using one of the proposal topics that you submitted in the first week of the class). Your paper should include a clear articulation of your point of view, and should provide compelling support for that perspective. The essay should demonstrate thoughtful reflection regarding why members of the deliberative community may disagree with you. Be sure to provide a clear, concise, logically coherent, and thoughtful exploration of the most compelling arguments available for differing points of view. A successful argumentative essay will sustain audience attention, communicate clearly and effectively, enhance the possibility for building community across difference, reflect responsiveness to multiple perspectives on the topic, and provide thoughtful, reasonable grounds in support of your perspective. Use a minimum of 10 varied, current (within last five years) sources.

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Topic: Are nurses exposed to more health hazards than doctors?
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