Three (3) Major Inventions

Many new products’ inventions we see today in the market come from unmet needs for customers. Entrepreneurs look for gaps in the market and try to invent the right product or service to fulfill the gap for customers.

Review lecture materials and assigned readings and write a minimum 3-5 pages APA formatted paper (and six [6] peer-reviewed sources) discussing three (3) major inventions that have led to successful products by addressing the following questions:

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Three (3) Major Inventions
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● Who were the inventors?

● How did they invent the technology?

● Why were they the first to invent this technology?

● What is the failure rate of all new businesses?

● What are some of the reasons for failure (give examples)

● What inferences can one make from these failures?

Please refer to the Grading Criteria for Professional Assignments in the University Policies for specific guidelines and expectations.


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