Theorists of Literacy, Psychology and the Arts

Review the theorists of literacy, psychology and the arts on page 15 of your text. (attached in image below)

Choose one and create a power point that discusses the main points of theory, application to early literacy and other important information regarding these important theorists.

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Theorists of Literacy, Psychology and the Arts
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Include your thoughts about how you see this information informing your teaching practices.

You may use your text (attached in PDF below) and research other information from the web. Please cite work. Book info: ISBN 9781285171272

Some suggested details for powerpoint assignment:

  • What theory did you choose?
  • Main points of theory
  • important information about the theory
  • How does it apply to early literacy?
  • What does this theory look like in practice?

Using one of your PPT slides, create a language and literacy activity plan that follows the theory that you identified in the Powerpoint. This activity should be for an age group between 2 and 4 years old and include the following information. Be sure that the activity is engaging and that it does not involve a Pencil/paper task but rather a teacher made material that engages the learner. Be sure also to identify the Language and Literacy Foundations that are addressed in your activity plan.
Activity Plan Outline.docx Activity Plan Outline.docx – Alternative Formats

There should be at least 10 slides included in this powerpoint.

Be sure to include images that relate to the theory

Be careful not to include too much information on each slide and be aware of the font that you choose.


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