Theories of Creativity Intelligence and Giftedness

A 3 page paper on the theories of creativity intelligence and giftedness and how the theories connect to the assessment of a person that is labeled as creatively intelligent and or gifted.

Some examples of these theories are:

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Theories of Creativity Intelligence and Giftedness
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– Theories of Giftedness: Renzulli

– Multidimensional Giftedness

– Sternberg’s Theory of Successful Intelligence

– Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

– Spearman’s two-factor theory of intelligence

– Catell’s most influential theory (Gc (generalized crystallized intelligence and Gf (generalized fluid intelligence))


Abstract/summary/references written in MOST RECENT version of APA

Abstract/summary informs how you want to develop your topic

Minimum 4 total References: (at least 3 from scientific journals and class text book should be include)

Textbook: Edpsych modules (3rd or 4th edition)


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