Theme 2: Social, Emotional, Academic, Environmental, and Cultural Factors

Theme 2: Social, emotional, academic, environmental, and cultural factors are among the internal school-based factors that have a direct impact on SODs.

The primary situations and settings that directly impact SODs’ learning and, as a result, influence the efficiency of inclusive schools were among those elements. It is worth noting that the internal school-based elements discovered in this study, which were divided into four categories, have been referred to in the literature as significant variables, practices, and factors that have a considerable and widespread impact on SODs and inclusive schools.

“The first significant component is the emotional factor,” SE.A. said, referring to a series of factors she believes are crucial for the SOD inside the classroom. Because when children feel at ease with their classmates, they are more likely to achieve their objectives in the classroom, whether with me, a special education teacher or with a general education instructor.” “We have social elements, intellectual aspects, and, as I mentioned, the most significant factor is emotional because emotional factors affect other factors,” she continued.

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Theme 2: Social, Emotional, Academic, Environmental, and Cultural Factors
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GE.N. provided an excellent example of the importance of both the principals and teachers to accept and care for the SODs in their school, thus influencing acceptance by their peers. When questioned about the key variables determining SODs at her school, she responded, “I feel that if the principal accepts those students and believes in them, they would be successful and enjoy school.”


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