The Value of Empowerment In Middle Adulthood

Understanding different developmental themes and how they can be applied to people at different ages and stages of life is important as a human service professional. It is important to know how to use the knowledge that you have learned and be able to relate it to clients you are working with, so that a reciprocal relationship can develop whereby both the human service professional and the client can feel empowered to develop goals and interventions that will help to produce positive outcomes for the client.


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The Value of Empowerment In Middle Adulthood
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Assignment Directions

Begin by reading the case study “Applying the Framework: Alcoholism in Middle Age” in Chapter 9 of your text (pages 447-449) about Lee. Then, review the developmental themes and key concepts related to middle adulthood on page 403 of your text.

For this assignment, use the Unit 8 Assignment Template to discuss the developmental themes that relate to working with a client in the life stage of middle adulthood and review interventions that can be provided to help meet client goals.

Please respond to the following:

  • Based on the case study, identify two developmental themes from page 403 of the text and enter them on the table. Then, for each developmental theme:
    • Describe how the theme you selected is impacted by each of the three main assessment categories of middle adulthood: biophysical dimension, psychological dimension, and social dimension.
    • Describe a key issue related to each dimension.
  • Discuss how one of the two developmental themes outlined in the table relates to each of the three assessment categories and key issues you identified.
  • Based on the key issues in the developmental theme selected, provide a review of at least three services, interventions, or strategies that a human service professional working in a reciprocal relationship with the client could offer to assist the client in meeting their goals and outcomes


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