The Untethered Soul Paperback

Hi, kindly help with the English Assignment below

The Untethered Soul Paperback version: Read Chapters 3, 4, + 5 (pages 23-47)

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The Untethered Soul Paperback
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The Untethered Soul Online PDF/e-versions: Read Chapters 3, 4, + 5 (stop at Chapter 6)


Chapter 3: How would you describe the “Seat of the Self”? Where does it reside? What are its qualities?

Chapter 4: What are your personal “thought patterns” that tend to cycle through your daily life? What does it mean to be “lost,” according to Singer?

Chapter 5: Where does your inner energy come from? What causes it to rise and fall? What makes it close down? Why does Singer think we should stay open?


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