The Type of Budget or Budgeting Process


  • 2 Page and 2 APA citation/references are required.

Your initial post demonstrates familiarity with the assigned readings, without copying directly from the text, or other source. Your posting is unique, in that in contains original thought and analysis from you. Your response is complete and concise, written in your own words. Your postings are a model for other students to learn from

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The Type of Budget or Budgeting Process
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Discussion 3

Describe the type of budget or budgeting process used in your place of business.  If not working, use a past job or experience with a volunteer organization.

Discuss positives and negatives you have experienced with budgeting in this organization.  If you do not have first-hand knowledge of the budgeting, then interview someone in the firm who does.

Be sure to include a description of the type of business, your role and how the budget or budgeting process affected you.

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