The Therapeutic Relationship

Based on what you learned from the textbook, videos, and articles, complete the following writing assignment. Use evidence from at least three sources from the course materials to support your response. Remember to use APA style to cite your sources.

Write a mini-essay discussing at least three aspects of the therapeutic relationship. Include an introduction, at least three paragraphs in the body, and a conclusion in response to the following prompt: Explain and analyze various aspects of the therapeutic relationship.

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The Therapeutic Relationship
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Helpful hint: You might want to use the grading rubric to be sure you meet all the grading requirements.


What does “mini-essay” mean? There is no word count requirement for a mini-essay in this course. The important consideration is that you respond to the prompt and meet the requirements in the instructions and grading rubric. As long as you clearly and thoroughly answer the question(s) and/or provide the information indicated by the prompt, you may write as much or as little as you deem sufficient.

I created a page for my General Psychology (PSYC 101) students containing a couple examples of a mini-essay. Feel free to visit the Mini-Essay page to see some samples.


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