The Theory of Unified Psychology

The Theory of Unified Psychology What is Unified Psychology? Is there a need to have a multitude of theories related to psychology? Some may say that it would be better to have one unified theory of psychology. Sternberg and Grigorenko (2001) provided some insight into a unified psychology as opposed to a psychology based on often competing theories of multiple individual contributions of the sub-disciplines. The premise was that unified psychology is an integrated study based on psychological phenomena rather than from a multiparadigmatic and multidisciplinary frame of reference. Sternberg and Grigorenko go on to explain:

Unified psychology involves giving up, or at least, putting aside, three bad habits that are commonplace among some psychologists. The bad habits are: (a) exclusive or almost exclusive reliance on a single methodology rather than multiple converging methodologies for studying psychological phenomena; (b) identification of scholars in psychology in terms of psychological subdisciplines rather than in terms of the psychological phenomena they study; and (c) adherence to single underlying paradigms for the investigation of psychological phenomena.

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The Theory of Unified Psychology
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