The theory of genetic vulnerability

Post article citation and summary
Each individual member of a group should research and post a citation of an article or book from a library database on your oral presentation. In addition, write a brief description of how your article or book explains how your topic illustrates cultural fusion and hybridity.
In the comments section, I will let you know if your source is relevant to the project. I may ask you to repost a different source that is more on target with the project topic.
The citation should include the author’s last name, first name, the title of the article in quotations, journal or newspaper title italicized, volume number, page numbers.
Hamilton, R. J., & Bowers, B. (2007). The theory of genetic vulnerability: A Roy model exemplar. Nursing Science Quarterly, 20, 254-264. doi: 10.1177/0894318407303127

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The theory of genetic vulnerability
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