The Story of the Thailand Cave Rescue

‘Still Can’t Believe It Worked’: The Story of the Thailand Cave Rescue to an external site.)

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The Story of the Thailand Cave Rescue
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Assignment Instructions

Write a short (approximately 1 page or 300-word) response to the reading

  • Respond to these questions:

Summarize – What is the article about?

        • 3-5 Sentences
        • Shorter is better
        • Creating a short summary = More likely to remember
        • Pretend you were going to explain it to a friend

What did you find most interesting or relevant?

        • 3 important aspects or concepts
        • Can be ways Creative Problem Solving (CPS) was used/applied
        • Can be ideas and situations you found interesting from a CPS perspective

How can you relate this situation or the creative problem solving concept for this week to your own life?

        • Share at least two examples
        • Be specific and detailed
        • You can also relate to other people or common experiences
  • Document and reflect on your learning
  • Make connections to concepts presented in class videos and activities
  • 12-pt Times New Roman text, 1” margins, double spaced
  • Cite in MLA or APA format any quoted or paraphrased material or any article or work used
  • The assignment will be graded for substantive completion.

Substantive = having real value or importance; of an academic nature

Completion = all parts of the assignment are addressed; all instructions followed


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