The State Employment Service

At the State Employment Service, a number of employment counselors were hired together during a special recruiting effort 12 years ago. They formed a cohort, went through training together, and received graduate hours in vocational counseling together. About a year ago, Jane Midland, the first member of the cohort to get promoted, tested into a supervisory position at one of the Job Service Centers. Two of the eleven employees who report to her are members of the original cohort. Barb Rick and George Malloy deeply respect her abilities and have a strong affection for her. In fact, Barb Rick has spent time at Jane’s home watching their children play together and helping with the remodel of Jane’s house. George, Jane, and Barb get together for lunch regularly. Recently, they have considered attending evening classes together to get a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. Yesterday, Jane received a memo from management reminding her that it is time to complete the annual appraisal forms for her staff.

  1. Discuss the factors that may cause Jane to intentionally and unintentionally distort her ratings of Barb and George.
  2. Evaluate the kinds of training programs that could help minimize the factors you have described. What do you recommend and why?

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The State Employment Service
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