The Social Network

Read or view film assigned, The Social Network (Netflix).


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The Social Network
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To relate the material in Chapter One, “Thinking,” to the assigned film(s). Your paper (3-4 pages) will consist of three sections as follows.

Introduction Paragraph

Briefly summarize the film in five sentences or less.



What was Mark’s short term and long term goal in creating Facesmash?

In establishing Facesmash, was Mark thinking critically? Why or why not?

How might Mark have analyzed his decision?

Was Mark being creative according to our text?

How would you have gone about making a plan for Facesmash?

What is thinking?

Conclusion Paragraph

Briefly explain how the film relates to the text in Chapter One, Thinking.

Follow MLA format in writing your paper. Include a reference page and a cover page.

Look for ‘MLA style guide’ on the Internet for rules and examples.


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