The Risks of Food Additives and Bacteria in Foods

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The Risks of Food Additives and Bacteria in Foods
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If I had friend that wanted to know the risks of food additives and bacteria in foods, I would start by explaining how both work. Food additives are chemicals put into food to preserve the foods freshness. Along with changing the dynamics of a foods color, texture, taste, and even sometimes taste. Not every food, even processed foods, have additives in them. When it comes to bacteria in our food, they can either be good or bad. We have things such as probiotics which are also known as “good” bacteria, Their basic function is to help with the digestion process that occurs in our body, after we have taken in the food. However, there are bad bacteria found in foods as well. A common one most people have heard of is Salmonella. It is mainly associated with foods such as, raw uncooked chicken, but can be found in any animal based. The most important part is to look at the process in which the foods good under. Once you understand that, you can give better judgement. Food additives go through extensive procedures to ensure the safety of consumers. Being tested in safe labs isolated from other additives to see how they effect foods. For the bad bacteria (pathogens) found in food they can be present by not regulating food at the right temperatures or other, unnatural chemicals, being presented to the food. Overall, the risker of the two would be the bacteria present in foods. Based on the fact that food additives, are tested and created in a control environment. Once they are good to be sold in stores, they have already undergone measures to label everything that is in the product. Deeming it is safer than other means of the actual handling of food itself. Basing the entire conclusion on the likeliness of possible illness from each one.


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