The Rise of the Universities

The Rise of the Universities

  1. Click on the link provided below to watch the video. As you are watching, please take notes to answer the questions that follow. Submit your answers by adding a new post.
    1.       Which are three famous European universities that were established during the Middle Ages?
    2.       Where did people learn before the formation of the universities?
    3.       Who were the people who could attend a university during the Middle Ages?
    4.       For what reasons did people attend universities during the Middle Ages?
    5.       What is the relationship between classical Greek philosophers and the formation of the European universities during the Middle Ages?
    6.       What subjects could students study at the medieval universities?
    7.       What is the importance of University of Paris?
    8.       What was the purpose and influence of disputation?
    9.       How did schools become famous during the medieval times?
    10.   How did medieval universities impact the current educational system?


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The Rise of the Universities
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Rise of Universities Documentary


2 Choose one of the three universities (University of Bologna, University of Paris, or University of Oxford) to do some research about it. Then, present your findings to the class. Make sure to incorporate the following elements:
1. (approximate) year of foundation
2. factors which led to the foundation of the university
3. organization of the university
4. who sponsored its establishment
5. what subjects were studied
6. how did the university evolve in time
7. identify a few famous people who studies at this university

Write a paragraph of at least 5 sentences to summarize the information and post it here. 


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