The Right to be Forgotten

Computer Ethics
Fall 2017
The Right to be forgotten is recognized and/or legislated in several countries. It is
described at

1. Read the information at the given URL.
2. Research additional descriptions.
3. Come up with your own definition, which may be similar.
4. Present the cases “for” and “against” this definition based on your research.
5. Formulate your own rule in the technical arena (see sample below).
6. Analyze your rule based on the principles of Social Contract Theory.
7. Analyze your rule based on the principles of Rule Utilitarianism.
8. Cite all ideas that are not your own.

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The Right to be Forgotten
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Sample Rule: (You may adapt this rule or formulate one of your own.)

A search engine must ‘delink’ information available via a web search at the
request of the individual involved if that individual can show they are being
misrepresented by the search results (that is, those results are no longer
accurate or relevant). For example, a person may wish to remove
information about old financial matters or misdeeds the committed as a
minor. If the request is approved, the information will remain online at the
original site, but will no longer come up under certain search engine queries.
Formatting and Layout Requirements:
• Include a title page as a separate page before the first page of your paper. Include
the following on the title page:
o Title (Create one – do NOT use “Short Paper 1” as your title!!)
o Which draft
o The date
o Your Name
o Your NetID
• Paper layout:
o Double-spaced
o 1-inch margins all around.
o A standard, readable font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times Roman with font
size 11.
o DO NOT add extra lines between paragraphs.
o Indent the first line of each paragraph ½ inch.
Short paper 1 CS 2315.001 Page 1 of 2
• Length (not including title page or references) must be a minimum of three full
pages and at most five full pages.
• Use ACM style for citations and references.
o See
o At least 4 references not provided on the TRACS site Resources.
o You may use references from the TRACS Resources folder but these do not
count as one of your 4 minimum.
• Paper should be written using Word (either .doc or docx).

Schedule (all Mondays):
o 9/18: First draft due (student deadline)
o 9/25: Commented draft returned (grader deadline)
o 10/2: Final version due (student deadline)
o 10/9: Final version returned (grader deadline)

To turn in a draft:
o Submit at the beginning of class (drop off on front table before class begins)
o Upload electronic version to TRACS by 11:55pm the same day.
o Late penalties:
o Late upload, on-time paper submission lose 5 pts/day up to 4 days
o No upload, on-time paper submission lose 20pts
o On time upload, late paper submission lose 5 pts/day up to 4 days
o Late upload, late submission lose 10 pts/day up to 4 days
o NOTE: Nothing late accepted after 4 days late unless the instructor is informed of
and approves extenuating circumstances.


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