The Republic of Plato

The Republic of Plato

1. The question “Who will guard the guardians?” was raised by the ancient Roman author Juvenal. Is this question still relevant today? How does Socrates in the Republic deal with this question?

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The Republic of Plato
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2. There are three accounts of justice in Book 1 of the Republic: the first belongs to Cephalus, and the second to Polemarchus and the third to Thrasymachus. What are these three accounts? Have they helped you in understanding what is justice?


3. The Republic is both Prescriptive (normative) and Descriptive (factual).” This means that it both recommends and describes aspects of political life. What does this mean to you?

4. Compare and contrast the Republic’s two accounts of the human soul (Bk 4 435a-441c, Bk 9 588b-e).Do either or both accounts help you understand the world, organize your experiences, shed light on music, art, stuff you enjoy?

5. Justice can be predicated of individuals and of collectives. For example, the sentences, “Jane is just,” and “Canada is just,” are both meaningful. The Republic teaches that the word means the same thing in both sentences. How does it do that?

Use the Republic of Plato as reference and for sources.


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