The Reframing Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Access the Reframing Fears and Limiting Beliefs worksheet, then, watch Video 8.3, “Reframing Limiting Beliefs,” which explains a simple process by which you can eliminate fearful thoughts and limiting beliefs in your life. Identify your most problematic limiting belief and walk through the process described in the video to explore that thought in such a way that it simply loosens its grip on you. Answer the series of questions on the worksheet to discover the truth or falsity of your limiting belief and to change it into positive messaging that can support and encourage you.

After completing the process and the worksheet, create an initial post that highlights your answers to each of the worksheet questions. In addition to describing your answers from the worksheet, be sure to include answers to these additional questions in your post:

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The Reframing Fears and Limiting Beliefs
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  • What is your experience with the limiting belief you identified? That is, how did you come to adopt that limiting belief?
  • How does it feel to finish the worksheet and have a completely different message to play in your head? How meaningful is that for you now, and how meaningful do you think it will be in the future?
  • How do you plan to sustain that positive message in your head?


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