The Pseudoscientific Site

Learning Goal: I’m working on a environmental science writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Students will submit an essay that includes the pseudoscientific site (and at least 2 claims), a fact based site that presents current evidence based thinking on the same claims, and a discussion of the reason one site is legitimate and the other is not.

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The Pseudoscientific Site
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General Requirements:

At least 500 words in length (not including cover sheet and references).
APA format and citation.

Technical Requirements:

For this assignment, you must write a 4-paragraph essay that does the following:

  1. Identify site 1 and describe why it is an example of pseudoscience.
  2. Briefly describe 2 claims made on the site that exemplify pseudoscience.
  3. Identify site 2 and describe why it is an example of evidence based science.


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