The Progressive Case Study 

The Green Organization Executive Team has met with you and their Leadership Teams for each group. The key objectives for increasing the performance are decided upon. The challenges now are training the groups and the teams within the group to have a clear and concise understanding of the next steps in the process. Overestimating the potential of a project or end result can lead to disaster. The video clip  addresses root cause analysis. We are quick to judge or blame when the results are less than desired. How will you design, develop, implement, and evaluate the training program you have presented? Assignment


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The Progressive Case Study 
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The different groups are dealing with different cultures, various levels of education and experience, and differing motivation levels to succeed. Sharing and instilling the organization’s mission, purpose, and strategy are integral to this training. Sharing the organizational goal is important to be communicated at the corporate level as well as in each independent group. Each group must develop and implement their own organizational, team and individual goals that are in line with the organizational goals. Your plan (Cohesive response) 4-5 paragraphs

Consider this:

· What methods of training will you use?

· Will you facilitate a learning environment/organization?

· How will you determine the necessary training for each group, team, and individual?

· What are the cultural factors?

· What immediate, short term, and long term plans do you have for the ongoing training?

· What is your implementation plan?

· How will you monitor, assess, analyze, and evaluate progress?

· APA citing

· No plagiarism

· Utilize outside resources

· 4-5 paragraphs


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