The Process of Special Education

The “special education process” is basically a series of steps to either place or deny placement in a special education program. Assume that you are an individual employed by your district who is responsible for oversight of the “special education process.” A parent of a child who is being considered for referral comes to you needing questions in regard to what will happen with his/her child as the process unfolds. Using language that a non-special educator can understand, describe (in one-two paragraphs each) the following steps of the process (50 Points, 10 points each)

1. Referral

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The Process of Special Education
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2. Response to Intervention (RTI)

3. Nondiscriminatory, Multi-disciplinary Evaluation

4. Individualized Educational Program (IEP)

5. Placement


1. Meet with your building principal or assistant principal and have him/her answer the following questions:

A. Who is the case manager for children in your building who are referred for evaluations?

B. Who conducts the evaluation conferences for children in your building?

C. What individual in your building informs a parent that their child is eligible for special education services?

D. Who conducts the IEP Conferences in your building?


1. What did you learn in this application?

1. Who helped you access the information?


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