The Problem of Personal Space in the Professional Environment

The Problem of Personal Space in the Professional Environment

Since the incidence between John and his colleague, it has come to my attention on how forms of electrical communication can affect work place. There are so many dilemmas that arise due to these modern means of communications. These new forms of electronic communication include e-mail and the use of instant messages. These new ways of communicating can make the tasks to be completed in as more efficient and reliable manner however it has brought up many dilemmas.

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The Problem of Personal Space in the Professional Environment
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There are many employees who use during business which is wrong. There is a dilemma that we are currently facing on whether to completely get rid of such services which actually make communications to be easier resulting into good business results. On the other hand, instant messages can still be used but bearing in mind that it may lead to more conflicts among co-workers which will not enhance the effective business transaction.

Having good communication skills is very important in any working environment; however, one ought to act in a responsible manner not only as an employee but as a citizen. Just because one is in an imperfect world doesn’t mean that they have to act in an unethical manner that goes against their professional conduct. Workers should, therefore, be educated on the how to behave in the most appropriate manner despite being in an environment that may make one act in an appropriate manner (Markel 6).

It is therefore essential for all employees to act in a very professional no matter the temptations that they may face in their working environment. Acting professionally means respecting what is expected of one in any institution and avoiding any form of irresponsibility. It is only through acting in a professional way that one can get respect from other colleague. Lack of professionalism only brings a bad image to any institution. Professional ethics entails one to act in a in the most appropriate manner without conflicting with other people within the working environment (Wueste 2).

It is not necessary to terminate all means of good communication such as instant messaging, yet it is has been able to help a lot in promoting business transactions. I would therefore urge all employees to carefully consider what is expected of them as professionals. Such technological developments make improve our task performance but it should not hinder our ability to work together in harmony.

Being in a world where the internet plays a big role in communications means that there also has to be norms put in place, so as to ensure that there is the proper use of the internet at all times. It is through strong values and norms that one can be able to control their behavior. It is quite unrealistic to perform some business transaction without the use of the internet, but it is important to note that one has to be responsible. One cannot take advantage of the existence of a particular tool and use it in a way that makes it look immoral. The internet is meant to be a tool that serves everybody in the most effective manner rather. People should therefore use the internet to with the aim of bringing out the positive attributes about it (, para. 2).

The use of instant messages and email should therefore continue to bring a positive impact in any working environment. They have served as good tools of communication; it would only be a shame for a few people to use it in the most unethical manner. Rules must therefore be put in place to ensure the proper use of electronic modes of communication in a professional environment.



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