The Power of the Zoot


Questions _ Luis Alvarez _ The Power of the Zoot

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The Power of the Zoot
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Please answer in complete, coherent sentences, following all the writing conventions you have learned in your English classes. Make sure to CITE from the text in questions that call for citations. A complete citation includes a PAGE NUMBER.

1.According to Alvarez’s introduction to this chapter, how does his research and analysis build upon and complicate previous historical accounts of the so-called “zoot suit riots”? Cite from the text to support your answer.


2.Discuss the role of the police in the so-called “zoot suit riots.” Use two or more appropriately-contextualized citations from the text to support your discussion.

3.Using examples from the text, explain why we need to understand the so-called “zoot suit riots” as motivated by race, rather than exclusively by style or habitus. Also, given the clear racial patterns in these conflicts, how does Alvarez explain the fact that the (white) mobs in Los Angeles also attacked several white Zoot suiters?

What does Alvarez say about the ways in which ideologies of gender and sexuality contributed to the hostilities that ultimately led to the “zoot suit riots”? Cite from the text and explain your answer


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