The Power Differential

Alison is married to a firefighter who loses his life on the job. She is then widowed and is parenting three children alone. Alison begins to visit with the school social worker with some regularity in reference to one of her daughters who is having a really difficult time

dealing with her dad’s death. Her daughter leaves the school three years later to go to college. Now Alison no longer has a reason to visit with the social worker. She realizes she loves and misses him. So, she contacts him and expresses love for him and invites him out on a date. He admits that he has feelings for her too but explains that it is not professionally appropriate for him to become involved with her romantically. Then, he suggests that they wait a year and if they both still feel love for one another, they could consider dating at that time.

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The Power Differential
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Please write an essay in response to this scenario and 1) discuss the nature of the power differential in this situation and why it is important to understand; 2) thoroughly discuss each of the ethics codes that were followed or breached clearly conveying your understanding of each code; 3) discuss what the counselor’s responsibility/duty was Once Alison stated that she had romantic feelings for him.


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