The Poster Presentation

 Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format. One Reference

Discussion on chapters 22 and 23

The poster presentation allows the publisher to engage and disseminate evidence among the peer set from the ppt presentation. It is essential as it helps the publisher defend their research if they encounter any problems with it. The researcher can also organize your exhibition from the introduction, methods, results, analysis, and discussion. Besides poster presentations, the publisher can use podium presentations to organize the information and add graphics. Some suggestions that I would like to share regarding disseminating your research findings include understanding your dissemination strategy. It would help if you looked into the features of a strong dissemination strategy, such as a two-way dialogue that targets your audience and their responses.

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The Poster Presentation
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When presenting your presentation or defense in the podium or poster presentations, you should consider including your research questions, show how the research stud answers those questions, state the limitations of your research study, and make suggestions for future research studies (‘Implementation Research Toolkit’, 2016).

The rationale for publishing your research study is because of reporting it to the public, funders of your organization, gaining the ability to publish it in professional journals, and even submitting or giving suggestions on a new approach or perspective at a workplace (Mark, 2019). It is the responsibility of the publisher to share his research after publication to motivate them to improve on any future research on the same by working on the current studies and correcting them. Overall, if other individuals find the research study important, then it is not only beneficial to the publisher and, therefore, the publisher needs them to be published.


References ‘Implementation Research Toolkit.’ (2016). Disseminating the research findings. In Module 5 (pp. 1-25). Geneva, Switzerland: WHO Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. Mark, C. O. (2019). Why is it the importance of publish your research? Retrieved from


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