The Outlook Calendar

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The Outlook Calendar
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The Outlook calendar is really a good program to use anywhere especially if you travel often like I did when I served in the Air Force.  The main issue with using Outlook calendar is that you need to have a connected or wireless network to access the calendar on the web.  I often traveled throughout the US and had no issues accessing my calendar via the web.  It helped that I could access my calendar anytime to keep up with office meetings, appointments, or projects that were due and review my daily and weekly tasks.  Also, I like that my boss could add meetings to my calendar without sending me emails.

The process to set up your calendar is based on what version of Office you have along with an internet connection.  I have an Office 365 account so I access via the Microsoft 365 sign-in page with my email and password to see my calendar or you can access  You can also access Outlook on your phone by downloading the app from your phone’s app store.

From my personal experience, I consider technology is a good thing to have as long as it is used in moderation and not dependent on.  I do not carry my tablet or phone with me everywhere I go.  There are times where I see that society is consumed with technology as I walk into Starbucks, and everyone has their head down looking at their computers or phones sitting at the same table and no conversation held at all.  I attribute my thinking to being raised as a child in the 1980s.  I cannot blame the new generation since they are growing up with technology and that is all they know and would not about the basics of life unless they learned it from an older generation or from history books.  My final thought is that technology will evolve more but we must guard against cyber-attacks and Malware in technology.  It is our responsibility as individuals to not let technology consume us.

Calendars are wonderful tools to help organize and manage our daily lives if used in moderation.  The ability to have a calendar on your tablet or phone is something I would have never thought conceived growing up with wall calendars in the kitchen or desk calendars in my office.  I do not even get a free calendar in the mail or from businesses any longer since modern technology has made it obsolete in a sense.  I will say it is a benefit because you can manage your time better and organize your day to be more efficient.  Also, I consider it a challenge since I used calendars from a work view.  Now, I added personal events to my calendar to include my work events.  I find myself having to step back from adding too many personal things to my calendar which sometimes can be stressful as I try to accomplish everything thinking I have enough time in the day with all the reminders popping up on my phone or tablet and hitting snooze. 😊

After reading the article “What is User Experience (UX) Design?” in the Interaction Design Foundation, I understand the significance of the user-experience in making the technology practical to users.  With any modern technology, there might be resistance from people to want to use it.  The key is education and demonstrating the benefits the end-user will see.  Making it user-friendly is a key starting point.   Companies cannot afford to just put out any kind of product especially with social media and product reviews.



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