The Nature of the Data

Learning Goal:¬†I’m working on a applied mathematics question and need support to help me learn.

  • Describe the nature of the data. What do the data represent? Why did you choose this data set? How many data points are included?
  • Describe the types of variables, the type of sample, possible lurking variables, and any association or causation.
  • Create a histogram, describe the shape of the distribution, and find the mean and median.
  • Compute the standard deviation, the five number summary, and the range and interquartile range. Provide a visual representation of this information.
  • Find possible outliers (there may be none, but you will need to show how you determined that), draw a boxplot, create a scatterplot, and compute the sample correlation¬†r.
  • If you found a moderate to strong linear relation between the variables, compute the regression equation and describe how you could use a regression line to make predictions.
  • Conclude with a summary of the major findings. How have these findings informed the topic, and what are the implications of the findings?

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The Nature of the Data
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