The Multigenerational Center Clients

To prepare for this assignment, explore The Multigenerational Center Clients (Links to an external site.) interactive and review the Interview Prep Worksheet (Links to an external site.) as well as Ashford University’s Career & Alumni Services’ Career Exploration & Planning. (Links to an external site.)You will find many resources including general interview questions and tips on how to follow up after the interview. Use the Bullet Point WorksheetPreview the document to help summarize your accomplishments for your employer.

In your seven-paragraph written assignment, you must include the following:

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The Multigenerational Center Clients
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Include an introductory paragraph with the name of your program, the title of the job you are applying for Community Project Manager and an explanation of why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
Include an introduction that begins with a succinct thesis statement.
Include five body paragraphs addressing each of the questions chosen. (The question must be the heading of each paragraph.) Be sure you are addressing each question with critical thought. You want to stand out!
Title: Issues and trends in your field

1. Tell me about an issue which you feel is significant for teachers in today’s classrooms. What will your role be in addressing this issue?

Title: Enviroments

2. Which working environments help you to thrive? In which working environments do you feel challenged?

Title: Professional and ethical practices

3. Describe three specific reasons why you consider yourself to be a professional educator.

Title: Professional and ethical practices
4.Defend why the director should choose you for the position in your conclusion.

Title: Leadership

5. What are the characteristics of an effective school leader? T


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