The Multicultural Aspects of the War between Iran and the United States

Thesis: An attack on Iran’s cultural sites during the recent US/Iran tensions that could have escalated into a war could be construed as a heinous crime against the Iranians. In such heated circumstances, the attack is a concomitant to a war crime and should be avoided.

Develop a 3-slide presentation that covers how to bring awareness to the conflict presented in the news story. Please include speaker notes and in-text-citation, thanks.

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The Multicultural Aspects of the War between Iran and the United States
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  • Provide an analysis of the social psychology aspects of the news story’s conflict.
  • Please include pictures if you can.
  1. The multicultural aspects of Iran and the USA conflict.
  2. The peaceful co-existence of the different types of religions.
  3. Identification of the religions affected by the Iran and United States war.
  4. Effect of the state conflicts on the freedom of religion.
  5. Threats to governance as far as religion is concerned.
  6. The role of women in modern society.
  7. Identification and gratification of the role of women in society.
  8. Inherent biases, sexism and restrictions of the women amid the tension.
  9. Efforts of women who have vied for political seats in governance in Iran.
  10. Other negative effects of the Iran-USA conflict on the women.
  11. Social organizational structures of Iran.
  12. The social fabric of Iran’s culture.
  13. Role of clubs, groups, and other associations.
  14. Effect of the conflict on the organizational structure of Iran.
  15. Perspectives on the different aspects of society.
  16. The societal view and roles of men, women, and children.
  17. Societal view on life, governance, family, and education.
  18. The effect on the conflict on the social perspectives on Iran and the USA.

Baker, P., & Haberman M. (2020). Pentagon rules out striking Iranian Cultural sites, contradicting Trump. The New York Times. Retrieved from


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