The MoleMash

The MoleMash is an important project to work on as it allows you to start working with some of new functions and components that we haven’t explored yet. This includes working through images, random settings, allowing users to have control over timing, labels and other options. Instructions: • If you haven’t already, log into the MIT App Inventor and download the AI2 Companion App if you have an Android device. If you don’t have access to an Android, you can use the online simulator. • Complete the MoleMash app as a starting point in MIT App Inventor and make sure it works correctly. You’ll now focus on customizing it as part of the assignment this week. • Once you have completed the tutorial from Chapter 3, it is now time to customize it by changing and altering the following: o Change the image that is used for the mole. o Add buttons to let the user make the mole move faster or slower. o Add a label to keep track of the number of times that the mole has moved. o Add a second ImageSprite with an image that the user should not hit. If the user touches it, the user should have their score reduced. o Change the color of the background (or use an image). o Change the font and text to make the app look more professional. o Use a new block of your choice to add some unique feature to the game. CIS290 – Mobile Application Development MoleMash – Enhanced Requirements: • Submit a zipped file that contains all your apps that you’ve created. • Include screenshots to demonstrate what your app looks like.

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The MoleMash
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