The Mental Health Parity Compliance Act

The Mental Health Parity Compliance Act added some changes in 2021. One major change to this act is that it “requires federal agencies to issue MHPAEA guidance and step-up parity enforcement for NQTLs”. The NQTLs requirements are as follows:

1. Medical-management standards

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The Mental Health Parity Compliance Act
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2. Prior authorization requirements

3. Methods to determine provider reimbursement rates

According to the DOL, “health plan participants to request information about the processes, strategies, evidentiary standards, and other factors”

Other changes to the acct would be that it would oversee compliance with federal law, provide more data on parity coverage, and patients would have more ways to appeal claim decisions. Outside of these changes, the individuals who are responsible would be as follows:

1. Insured plans carrier – responsible for compliance

2. Insured plan sponsors – responsible for notifying if a federal or state authority finds a parity violation

All of these things are put into place not only help the insurance carriers/sponsors but also the clients as a whole.


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