The Johari Window

The Johari window is one tool that can help us determine how we see ourselves and how others see

us. This can serve as a good starting point and self-assessment tool to help us become better at

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The Johari Window
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human relations.

The Johari window was created in 1955 by Josephy Luft and Harry Ingham. When it was created, the

researchers gave people fifty-six adjectives they could use to describe themselves. The subjects

picked five or six adjectives and then had someone who knew them well pick six for that person as

well. Then, the adjectives were placed in the appropriate place in the grid. The grid consists of four

windows. The first window is the open area. In this area, these are things that someone knows

about themselves and others see in them too. The second window is the blind area. In the blind

area, the person does not know it about themselves, but others see it in them. In the hidden area,

the person knows this about her- or himself, but others are not aware of it. In the unknown area,

neither person knows what exists there. Through time and as we change and grow, we may have

more self-awareness and aspects of ourselves once in the unknown area may go into one of the other



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