The Importance of Public Speaking. 

1- Read the following article on the importance of public speaking.

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The Importance of Public Speaking. 
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Identify 10 key points from this reading and explain why you thought each of those were key points. Here is an example of how you can submit this assignment:

1) The point about apprehension in public speaking was valuable because…. and then explain…

2) The quote in paragraph 3 was valuable because…. and then explain


2-  Answer each question with at least three complete sentences.

1) Why is learning public speaking important?

2) What does confidence in public speaking sound like and look like?

3) What are some barriers to effective public speaking?

4) What are some very basic ways to be effective in public speaking?

5) Find a TED Talk on Explain why you think the speaker was effective. Include your explanation here and the link to the TED talk.

3- Explain why public speaking is important to you in your personal and professional life. Give examples of how you adapt your public speaking personally versus professionally (in a business environment). Also, explain how you apply language and vocabulary differently in those settings. Finally, explain what you want to gain from this class in relation to public speaking and how you hope to improve in public speaking.


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