The Importance of Play in Early Childhood

Blog: The importance of Play in Early Childhood

To Prepare:

Use the Library to locate peer-reviewed journal articles, written within the last 5 years, that focus on the importance of play for young children’s healthy development and learning.

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The Importance of Play in Early Childhood
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· You may need to read/skim a number of articles before you find one you choose to use as the basis for this Assignment.

Assignment Task Part 1

After reading the article you chose, create a 2 -page post for your blog that includes the following:

· A summary of the article

· How the information gleaned from this article may inform your work related to learning about the role of play in children’s healthy development

· An APA citation of the article


· One resource cited in the article that you would like to read to extend your learning.

Assignment Task Part 2


Please read through your peers’ blogs and Respond in a 100 word response and note any resources that might inform your current and/or future early childhood practice and areas of possible research.


Assignment 1 Learning Resources


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