The Importance of Communication

Discussion 2


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The Importance of Communication
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There are so many examples that can be provided. For example, medication administration, if the communication is lacking, this activity can jeopardize the client’s care. For instance, if the team did not communicate with a family of an unconscious patient, the patient ended up with an anaphylactic reaction to the medication. Another example is when the patient expressed their concerns about having the upcoming surgery, and the nurse failed to communicate it with a provider. The communication on the professional level has to be timely to avoid any issues that may result from lack of it. Another example of a problem caused by lack of communication is a nurse who is not paying attention to the client and their family that can be perceived as ignoring or avoidance. An ignored family may complain and refuse the services of a nurse, which will put pressure on a managing team and result in another nurse’s overload.


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