The Green Revolution

Write an essay on the “Green Revolution”. Define or describe what the Green Revolution is, and what impacts it had. Give a detailed accounting of the considerations for and against the thesis that the Green Revolution was a positive endeavor and should be expanded so as to contribute to our dealing with the world food problem.Note that the objective of the essay is to show that you see both sides of the issue and cangive good arguments for each of them. It is NOT part of the assignment to determine which side is right and argue specifically for that sid.


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The Green Revolution
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Answer the question clearly and directly. You should show familiarity with both class discussion and readings. The essay questions are likely to ask you to consider and respond to the most serious objection you can think of. It’s possible that a given question might not say this explicitly; if so, thenthat means that it’s not mandatory, and that it’s not really recommended that you step back and consider an objection to the main point you are being asked to write about. But note that it can still be useful to utilize the strategy of “objection and reply” as a way to focus the points on both sides.Also, I want to emphasize that your essay should be a pretty well-organized one, and I want to clarify the sense in which this is true. While it is not expected that it be as carefully worded as if it was a paper that you were doing at home and turning in something that had been revised (obviously), it IS expected that it has been thought through beforehand. It is expected that you work on constructing or thinking through these essays as part of your preparation for the exam.The anxiety should certainly be lower as a result of your seeing the exact questions beforehand, but be clear that the standards for assessing your essays will be higher for the same reason


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