The Good Neighbor Policy

Objective: explain the “editorial argument” of the cartoon by placing it within its original historical context. This will require you to pay attention to the date of publication (if not indicated, take an educated guess) as well as the position of the cartoonist. Is the cartoonist in support of or critical of a particular policy position? You are expected to bring in evidence and direct citations from documents in Latin America and the United States, as well as material from O’Brien and lecture notes to support your discussion. Interpret the cultural messages conveyed through the drawing itself. Here I expect you to read the cartoon as a cultural source, analyzing the use of tropes to explore how Latin America/Latin Americans “fit” in the U.S. mindset in that particular historical moment. You are encouraged to be forceful in your analysis but always backed-up by evidence, including an accurate discussion of what you “see” and a historical grounding for your argument.

Keep in mind that all essays need to have both of these components: Explanation of historical context and cultural analysis of the image itself. The more you are able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of US-Latin American relations over time, the better.

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The Good Neighbor Policy
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